What exactly makes a French Bulldog so lovable? We are going to explore the personality and characteristic traits of this historic and adorable breed, breaking down what makes them so desired as a pet. 

French Bulldogs come from some farmers who came to France in the 1800s and brought with them smaller bulldogs to help hunt and keep the rats at bay. Over the years, into the 1900s French bulldogs became a token of high society. 

Today, French Bulldogs are a highly sought after pet for many families. Because of their size and personality traits, many families find French Bulldogs to be a desirable breed for their family pet.

French Bulldog Personalities

French Bulldogs are often incredibly loving and social animals. Most often, French Bulldogs thrive on attention, often requiring it from their owners. Typically Frenchies will not bark much, unless they are excited. Most Frenchies are often gentle, friendly, affectionate, entertaining, playful and alert. Frenchies tend to have a gentle nature, as well as a playful personality. Frenchies love attention and affection, often craving it from their owners, and their families. Their affectionate and playful natures often contribute to their entertaining personalities. 

Frenchies are typically very gentle. Because of their loving and gentle personality traits, they can make extremely good family pets. It is worth noting that these adorable flat faced pups can be easily injured so families with children should take the time to ensure that kids understand the importance of playing gently with them to avoid injury. 

Frenchies are entertaining and excitable dogs, they often have very unique personalities, and crave attention and interaction from their families and people they meet. Frenchies can be  hyper as well as excitable, despite being such a gentle dog. 

Because of their excitable and playful nature, they are often described as exuberant and merry dogs. Frenchies are often described as incredibly entertaining dogs, with such unique personalities, with an incredibly humorous and comedic personality.  Many times their bulldog nature will shine through with a bit of a stubborn streak, but overall these pups are known for their lively characteristics, both while awake and sleeping. 

In most cases, Frenchies are the perfect companion for families and people of all ages and stages of life. If you are looking for a running partner or a guard dog, well Frenchies may not quite fit that need. While Frenchies are playful in nature, they would not make the best running partners.  

It is important to note that just like any breed of dog, just because some Frenchies can be hyper or excitable, not all Frenchies will be. Frenchies can be very chill and relaxed dogs, it really does boil down to each individual dog’s personality. There are quite a few calm, chill and gentle Frenchies as there are excitable, hyper, playful ones. 

Frenchies are known for their ability to make their needs known to their humans. They may be chill, gentle, quiet or playful, but when they want your attention, they will make sure they let you know. 

Frenchies are often great for families with other pets, like cats or other dogs. Like many smaller dogs, Frenchies are great for people who live in housing situations like apartments, where access to a yard may be limited. Because of their temperaments, characteristics and other needs, Frenchies don’t often need long periods of time for exercise and are often content with short bouts of play time, followed by naps and cuddles. Because of their smaller size, they are able to play in far smaller spaces than other dogs of a larger size, one of the reasons that Frenchies tend to be great for people living in smaller living conditions. 


French Bulldogs have been around since the late 1800’s early 1900’s when high society fell in love with these cute smaller versions of the Bulldog. Over the centuries, they have made quite the impression, becoming a very popular breed for families and the older community due to their unique personalities. 

These dogs are often quite comical, playful, and entertaining, while still maintaining a gentle and often chill and relaxed nature. Because of their smaller size they are the perfect companions for families with smaller living space, or for elderly people who may not be able to provide for the exercise needs of larger breeds of dogs. 

Frenchies are incredibly social, and love to interact with people, especially their human family members. Because of their social and unique personalities most Frenchies will let you know when they want or need something from you. These dogs make amazing companions for people of any age, in any stage of life, even those with existing pets.

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