Fireworks can stress your dog, but here are some tips to help them cope.

  1. Create a safe place for your dog, make sure it’s quiet and comfortable, a place for retreat. This can be their crate with a favorite blanket, or toy. Someplace in a quiet room away from the noise.
  2. Calming products, such as a thunder shirt or calming aromatherapy.
  3. Desensitization, starting young really helps, but sometimes this isn’t an option, gradually expose your pet to the sound of fireworks, there are many videos on YouTube, start a low volume, slowly increase over time, and use treats with positive reinforcement. this helps them associate sound with positive experiences.
  4. Remain calm, dogs pick up on anxiety, act normal, and don’t react, this helps reassure dogs nothing is wrong.
  5. White noise. play music or watch TV to drown out the sound of fireworks or thunder.
  6. Exercise, make sure they get lots of exercise early in the day, tired dogs are less anxious.
  7. Comfort items, toys, a shirt, or a blanket that smells like you will help.
  8. Close windows and curtains. dampen down the noise, and visual stimulation.
  9. Consult a veterinarian, if the anxiety is severe then medication may help manage anxiety.
  10. Stay home, and provide comfort and reassurance for your pet.

By being prepared ahead of time and using these strategies, you can help your pet be less stressed during fireworks.,on%20to%20soften%20jarring%20noises.

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