West Highland White Terriers are generally a smaller breed of dog. Their sizes and growth varies between males and females, but often Westies grow to an average size of 15-21 pounds. The difference between male and female Westies can vary by a few pounds, and a few inches, with females being the smaller of the two.

We will be diving into the stages of West Highland White Terriers, as well as what to expect as they grow from puppyhood to adulthood. 

How big are West Highland White Terriers as puppies? 

Westies are often born weighing about 4-8 ounces, and during the course of their first three months of life,  females will often jump into the range of 6-7 pounds. That is some incredible growth in those first few months.  By three months, not only will the puppy weigh between 6-7 pounds, but they will typically stand between 5.5 and 7.5 inches in height. 

By the three month mark, most breeders will have allowed new families to take their puppy home by this stage, as many breeders will often release puppies to their owners between 8-12 weeks in age. 

After a month, your Westie puppy will likely grow to weigh between 7-8 pounds, and will grow to a height of 6-8.5 inches; by five months your pup will likely be in the 8-10 pound range and grow to a height of 7-9.5 inches. When your Westie hits the six month mark, they will typically fall in the range of 9-11 pounds and 8-10.5 inches in height. After the six month mark, you may notice your Westie does not grow in height as rapidly as the first six months, with them generally hitting 8.5-11 inches in height by the seventh month mark, and ranging in weight from 10.5-12 pounds. 

By month eight, your Westie will typically be in the 9-11.5 inch range for height; nearly full grown when it comes to height; and in the range of 11-13 pounds for weight. Between nine months to one year in age, Westies will generally be done growing in height, with a range of 10-11.5 inches; while their weight will continue to increase until they fall into the range of 13-16 pounds on average. 

On the other hand male Westies will range in weight between 7-9.5 pounds, and will stand 6-7.5 inches in height. By month four, male Westies will weigh around 9-12.5 pounds and stand around 7-9 inches in height. By month 6, your male Westie will have continued growing, hitting an average weight of 12-16.5 pounds, and stand on average between 9-11.5 inches in height. 

By month nine, your male Westie puppy will have likely finished growing height wise, and will stand somewhere between 11-12.5 inches in height. Over the course of time between nine months and twelve months, your male Westie will likely stop growing in weight as well, generally averaging between 15-22 pounds in weight. 

As you can see there is a slight difference in size typically between male and female West Highland White Terriers. Males will typically stand just a little taller than females, and they will typically weigh a few pounds more than their female counterparts. 


West Highland White Terriers are a smaller breed of dog; with males outweighing and standing a little bit taller than females. When born, Westies are small, weighing in anywhere between 4-8 ounces; and over the course of their puppyhood, they grow to the size of 13-16 pounds for females and 15-22 pounds for males. Westie puppies grow incredibly fast in the beginning of their life, with their growth rate slowing down the closer they get to a year. 

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