In the world of dog breeding, there exists a place where puppies are not just born, they are meticulously crafted. This world, created by the BAB Curriculum, reveals a profound and shocking truth: the early days of a puppy’s life are not just crucial; they are transformative.

Breeders who utilize the BAB Curriculum are unlocking the potential for puppies with remarkable intelligence, stellar temperaments, and a level of development that sets them apart from the rest of their lives. Read on below, as we explore why this approach is not just superior but essential for those seeking the finest companions.


What is the Badass Breeding Program? 

Badass Breeding Program is a curriculum created to help improve development in puppies. The program focuses on helping to improve the development in puppies, their temperaments, their intelligence and how they manage stress. The goal for this program is to help each puppy reach their full potential. 

Breeders are empowered to raise their puppies and meet them where they are at in their development. By following the BAB program  dog breeders help their puppies increase their confidence, meet their innate needs on an individual basis and help guide their emotional responses.

The BAB program is a combination of the best puppy raising methods and a curriculum  that helps puppies believe in themselves, being the best they can be, which sets the puppies up for greater success even after they leave with their new owners. 

BAB is more than just a set of exercises and curriculum, it is a program that helps breeders to raise better, more confident and more well adjusted dogs. The BAB program starts on day three of the puppies life. This is when breeders begin to use the ENS and ESI exercises; once per day the puppies are picked up and held in different positions, they are touched in different areas, like the toes, tails, heads, ears, and nose, to help get them accustomed to being touched in different ways and environments. They are also introduced to different scents; this occurs by placing objects with different scents in front of the puppies and allowing them to investigate, smell and get accustomed to the scent. These exercises are done once per day from day three to day sixteen. 

BAB uses a combination of 10 hand held exercises that include holding the puppies in a variety of poses, tickling toes, touching noses and ears, playing with their tails, and more. BAB training also includes introducing kennel time, nail clipping, and potty training exercises. Puppy recall is another big function of BAB. Puppy recall is where a breeder will work with the puppy, teaching it to respond to the word ‘puppy’ so that the basics of recall are there even before they are named. This is a big exercise that BAB breeders use in order to help the puppies and their new families with safety. 

The BAB Program includes the use of ENS, Early Neurological Stimulation as well as ESI, Early Scent Introduction, to help create highly intelligent, confident and well rounded animals. These programs are specifically geared towards encouraging puppies to try new things, lower their fear levels and be more comfortable with people sooner, all while heightening their intelligence and improving their overall health. 


What is ENS or Early Neurological Stimulation?

ENS or Early Neurological Stimulation is a method that was designed by the US Military as a way to improve the performance of military working dogs. This method entails 5 exercises used on the puppies starting when they are three days old and continuing until 16 days old. The period between the 3rd and 16th days are believed to be a time where rapid neurological development and growth happens.

ENS is a set of five exercises that a breeder performs with the puppies once per day. They involve different forms of stimulation from holding the puppies a certain way, to tickling their toes, even thermal stimulation. These five exercises are performed once per day every day until the 16th day of the puppies life. 

It is believed that this method kick-starts the neurological stimulation of the puppy during this period of the puppy’s development. It is important to note that these exercises are not a substation for daily handling of the puppies, but a series of exercises used to help promote accelerated neurological development in the puppies.

There have been observable benefits to ENS in puppies; these benefits include: improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate); stronger heart beats; stronger adrenal glands; more tolerance to stress; and greater resistance to disease. Dogs who were stimulated with ENS as puppies have also been shown to be more active in learning tests and more exploratory as well. 

Early Neurological Stimulation, ENS, is also linked to stress management in dogs in the long term. Some studies have shown there is likely a link between Early Neurological Stimulation and how adult dogs handle stress in the long term. 


What is ESI or Early Scent Introduction? 

ESI or Early Scent Introduction is a practice where puppies as young as three days old are introduced to a wide variety of smells and scents during the most critical developmental stage of their life. This is done by placing scented items in front of the puppies and allowing them the ability to interact and become familiar with the scents. 

ESI has many benefits including, enhanced cognitive abilities, temperament and confidence, preparation for specialized roles, and improved socialization. Many believe that ESI provides cognitive growth for dogs, by giving them enhanced problem solving skills and greater adaptability in new or unfamiliar situations. 

ESI also aids in confidence while reducing fear, as well as providing a foundation for dogs who may be put in specialized roles, like service dogs or other working roles. ESI can also help improve social skills in dogs, providing exposure to many new scents like perfumes and even other animals. 

What Does the Curriculum Look Like? 

The BAB curriculum is designed in a way to help each puppy reach its full potential. Early Neurological Stimulation, ENS, starts on day three of the puppies life. With ENS, puppies are held in five different exercises once per day, allowing the puppy to become accustomed to different stimuli, which in turn better equips the puppies to handle new situations and stress. This continues on through day 16 of the puppies life. 

Curriculum starts as early as three days old, where ENS and ESI exercises are performed on the puppies once per day until the puppies are 16 days old. After day 18, when the puppies ears open up, they are introduced to sounds daily to help desensitize them. Other stimuli like smells and objects are introduced into their whelping box to gradually get them used to unpredictable stimuli. As the puppies grow, they are introduced to the stimuli outside of their whelping box, helping them to develop better reactionary behavior when coming into contact with new, unpredictable and startling stimuli. 

As the puppies grow during this period, they are also often introduced to noise exposure early on, as well as standard handling and touch in addition to the ENS exercises. Generally ESI is started during the same time frame as ENS. ESI consists of the introduction of one new scent everyday from day three to day sixteen. 

As the puppies graduate from the ENS and ESI at day 16 of their life, the focus continues on with different handling exercises to desensitize puppies to human touch  as well as continued noise exposure.

As the puppies meet developmental milestones, they are provided with more challenging and stimulating activities to practice startle recovery and build nerve strength.

Puppies are also supervised during play times, where other items are often introduced, to help empower and build confidence when it comes to new and strange objects.

By exposing puppies to a large variety of different stimuli early on in puppyhood, it helps to empower them with strong confidence and low fear levels.  By instilling this foundation, puppies are empowered to believe in themselves, leading to a higher level of intelligence, increased health, resistance to diseases and a strong sense of respect. 

When you purchase a puppy through a breeder who uses the Badass Breeder Program, you’re purchasing a puppy with increased intelligence, confidence, and emotional response skills. 



We are proud to highlight the fact that we use the Badass Breeder Program with our French Bulldogs and West Highland White Terrier puppies. Our goal is to provide our puppies with the empowerment they need to reach their full potential.

These early stimulation programs are revolutionizing the breeding world one puppy at a time. The process of using a structured curriculum is helping to empower more puppies with the confidence and developmental skills they need to reach their full potential in their lives.

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